Earth texture courtesy of the European Space Agency/Envisat Use lighting
Use color map
Use specular map
Use blending
Enable mouse rotation
Twinkle nodes

Show/Hide Summary:

Opacity: Opacity:

Origo Aligment:

Elevation: Elevation:


Earth Texture: ColorMapTexture:
Earth Shininess: SpecularMapTexture:
Moon Texture: ColorMapTexture:
Moon Shininess: SpecularMapTexture:
NodeTexture: NodeMapTexture:
NearFocusNodeTexture: NearFocusNodeMapTexture:
FocusNodeTexture: FocusNodeMapTexture:
ConeNodeTexture: ConeNodeMapTexture:


Blending: Alpha:
Node Blending: NodeAlpha:

Point light:

Location: X: Y: Z:
Specular colour: R: G: B:
Diffuse colour: R: G: B:

Directional light:

Direction: X: Y: Z:
Colour: R: G: B:

Ambient light:

Colour: R: G: B:
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A Paradigm Shift Ahead

The Blue Gem in Space. Our Planet. There is no other place we can go and live, or hide. Look around and try to be more a Man[kind].

          Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. And synthetic. It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage - to move in the opposite direction. Toward actionable systemic simplicity. Toward systemic resilient outcomes and value. Towards systemic resiliency, anti-fragility, and self-healing. Quality Growth. Jointly, across global-local levels.          

Future is systemic living art - of living the emergent [through-life-commitment-]dialogues of unfolding systemically viable possibles. Emphasis on living the delivered systemic-viable value to the local-to-global Quality-Growth-outcome societies, and on viable through-life-transformations to the vast [wicked-paradox-intensive] meshes of the full-spectrum stakeholders' commitments therein. No major systemic paradox may be "solved" on the level of it's confining paradigm. Neither enforcing monologues nor even just narrow-scoped, biased systemic-envelopes-confining dialogues lead nowhere in the unfolding cascades of increasingly wicked systemic paradoxes. Only systemic-enhancing joint dialogue responses may survive the wicked challenges ahead. Just may survive. But that never an excuse for not pursuing into a systemic resilient- and anti-fragile-outcome direction. Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much. For Us All.

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