Earth texture courtesy of the European Space Agency/Envisat Use lighting
Use color map
Use specular map
Use blending
Enable mouse rotation
Twinkle nodes

Show/Hide Summary:

Opacity: Opacity:

Origo Aligment:

Elevation: Elevation:


Earth Texture: ColorMapTexture:
Earth Shininess: SpecularMapTexture:
Moon Texture: ColorMapTexture:
Moon Shininess: SpecularMapTexture:
NodeTexture: NodeMapTexture:
NearFocusNodeTexture: NearFocusNodeMapTexture:
FocusNodeTexture: FocusNodeMapTexture:
ConeNodeTexture: ConeNodeMapTexture:


Blending: Alpha:
Node Blending: NodeAlpha:

Point light:

Location: X: Y: Z:
Specular colour: R: G: B:
Diffuse colour: R: G: B:

Directional light:

Direction: X: Y: Z:
Colour: R: G: B:

Ambient light:

Colour: R: G: B:
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Making Sense Out Of Systemic Wickedness

The era of Big Insight over the Systemic Wickedness. A new dawn has broken. A real New Paradigm is emerging. Real Serious Fun. Consider “Big Data” just as a beginning.

Seriously. From systemic reflection/analysis/insight to global/local/targeted action-for-outcomes.

  • Ever dreamed to navigate and thrive with Systemic-Intensive Complexity-Wickedness Landscapes?
  • Ever dreamed gaining advantages of systemic interference perspectives across the ever-increasing complexities of unfolding systemically wicked paradoxes?
  • Ever dreamed about gaining advanced insights-to-action-to-systemic-outcomes into what just may seem a chaotic mess - but which offers rich spectra of perspectives to advanced analytics, reflection, and insightful reflection-to-action.
  • Ever dreamed of mastering the kaleidoscopic, chaordic - or chaotic - systemic wickednesses over the latent-to-emergent paradigm-transition dynamics perspectives?


  • Ever dreamed of unfolding the wide spectrum of your insight and imagination into further advanced levels? Whatever your challenges, cross-disciplinary domains, perspectives - whatever is at least weakly modellable.
  • Ever imagined and reflected over the potentials of Plug’n’Play insight repositories and models? On subscription basis? Collaborating with the top World-Talent pools?
  • Advanced Complexity Landscape Analysis, Decision/Cognition Leverage, Emergent Execution Steering? Pick your challenge, and thrive with it.

Just imagine, and bring it all - at your scale/scope unlimited N-dimensional complexity - to your fingers, and before your eyes. With full suite of advanced, secure collaboration. A new dawn has broken. Real Serious Fun is emerging.


Just reflect over and explore your potentials. Just imagine, and navigate the systemic-complexity-intensive landscapes’ outcomes-trajectories you have never been to before.

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