Earth texture courtesy of the European Space Agency/Envisat Use lighting
Use color map
Use specular map
Use blending
Enable mouse rotation
Twinkle nodes

Show/Hide Summary:

Opacity: Opacity:

Origo Aligment:

Elevation: Elevation:


Earth Texture: ColorMapTexture:
Earth Shininess: SpecularMapTexture:
Moon Texture: ColorMapTexture:
Moon Shininess: SpecularMapTexture:
NodeTexture: NodeMapTexture:
NearFocusNodeTexture: NearFocusNodeMapTexture:
FocusNodeTexture: FocusNodeMapTexture:
ConeNodeTexture: ConeNodeMapTexture:


Blending: Alpha:
Node Blending: NodeAlpha:

Point light:

Location: X: Y: Z:
Specular colour: R: G: B:
Diffuse colour: R: G: B:

Directional light:

Direction: X: Y: Z:
Colour: R: G: B:

Ambient light:

Colour: R: G: B:
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What Drives Us

Our drive derives from the systemic-intensive and complexity-intensive opportunity-challenge-paradoxes in multi-lateral & multi-dimensional "wicked" contexts, which have potential for strategic-growth-targets, and require advanced suites of systematic & systemic approaches across wide spectrum of through-life-phase domains and issues, across the wide spectrum of dynamic & emergent stakeholder-ecosystems' incremental commitment-[re-]-negotiation, and across the systematic analysis/decision/assignment/execution/steering funnels.

          Dear Colleagues. We have all the future ahead, yet not a moment to waste. But we must not hurry. Only fools rush unprepared. Serious future missions and explorations ahead. Rough voyages on high seas across systemic-intensive, wicked storms. Sure, far beyond the systemic envelopes, some quite adventures and far beyond. Just dare to reflect - the power of another different heartbeat. Will power. To serious destinies and beyond. Novel epochs, episodes, and hurdles emerge. For us everyone, everywhere. It takes seasoned, serious [wo]men. It takes us all with serious Will Power - and distinct voyages and future[s] shall emerge.          

That is where our proven approaches, frameworks and action bring value. Browse our site for further overview on systemic approaches into wicked paradoxes through-life-negotiation & incremental commitment processes.

We appreciate your invitation into further discussion for the potential through-life-partnership over your mission-case. Feel free to contact us with your reflections on your initial key-pains' discussion-point for a serious start.

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