Earth texture courtesy of the European Space Agency/Envisat Use lighting
Use color map
Use specular map
Use blending
Enable mouse rotation
Twinkle nodes

Show/Hide Summary:

Opacity: Opacity:

Origo Aligment:

Elevation: Elevation:


Earth Texture: ColorMapTexture:
Earth Shininess: SpecularMapTexture:
Moon Texture: ColorMapTexture:
Moon Shininess: SpecularMapTexture:
NodeTexture: NodeMapTexture:
NearFocusNodeTexture: NearFocusNodeMapTexture:
FocusNodeTexture: FocusNodeMapTexture:
ConeNodeTexture: ConeNodeMapTexture:


Blending: Alpha:
Node Blending: NodeAlpha:

Point light:

Location: X: Y: Z:
Specular colour: R: G: B:
Diffuse colour: R: G: B:

Directional light:

Direction: X: Y: Z:
Colour: R: G: B:

Ambient light:

Colour: R: G: B:
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What We Don't Do

Fake choreographies. There is enough of them. Just futile efforts, but no real resilient and viable outcomes from such. Of course, we all are neck-deep in there across wide spectra of diverse intrigues, dense and long-rooted legacies, and constraints thereof, but we all know the pervasive paradox - just wasting valuable timewindows for more serious outcomes. We all know that there is a wide spectrum of serious alternatives for serious strategic resilient-growth ourtcomes. Think across the critical annual-clock-hurdles. If not properly prepared along the pipeline, no possibility for no one to assign or take serious delivery responsibilities.

          Future waits for no one, and life is short. Each moment has a wider spectrum of contexts across the diverse critical-time-window hurdles. If not properly prepared into pipelines, serious strategic-growth-futures will never unfold. So we are in a hurry, but no need to rush. Just wicked perils wait ahead for the unprepared explorers and wayfarers. There is seldom any viable, resilient and enduring success for those who rush.          

          If you want to rush, go alone. We may well heed your insights, thoughts, plans, and reflect jointly with your prospects with the wicked future. We would welcome an invitation to give advise. But we do not rush.          

But if you want to go wisely, and advance still with speed, quality, purpose, and resilient systemic value, join with us. We welcome your invitation as a trusted through-life partner for the well-prepared voyages ahead.

Any and all voyages start with a serious dialogue and reflection on the real systemic through-life spectrum of the issues ahead, and thereunder - in past, present, and future - and carving out the systemic through-life requirements thereof, for the endeavours ahead. Further episodes and epochs follow, with the use of all talent, insight and wisdom available through our networks and channels. We know our difference. We eat our own medicin. Mutually then, there may well be good prospects for even the most challenging paradoxes ahead. Everything starts from a serious beginning.

Thereon, whatever the storms ahead may be across the high seas, there is a mutual well-founded purpose, mission and journey ahead to endure and survive.

Just rushing onwards - we don't do. Time is too valuable to waste for us all.

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