Earth texture courtesy of the European Space Agency/Envisat Use lighting
Use color map
Use specular map
Use blending
Enable mouse rotation
Twinkle nodes

Show/Hide Summary:

Opacity: Opacity:

Origo Aligment:

Elevation: Elevation:


Earth Texture: ColorMapTexture:
Earth Shininess: SpecularMapTexture:
Moon Texture: ColorMapTexture:
Moon Shininess: SpecularMapTexture:
NodeTexture: NodeMapTexture:
NearFocusNodeTexture: NearFocusNodeMapTexture:
FocusNodeTexture: FocusNodeMapTexture:
ConeNodeTexture: ConeNodeMapTexture:


Blending: Alpha:
Node Blending: NodeAlpha:

Point light:

Location: X: Y: Z:
Specular colour: R: G: B:
Diffuse colour: R: G: B:

Directional light:

Direction: X: Y: Z:
Colour: R: G: B:

Ambient light:

Colour: R: G: B:
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What We Would Rather Pass

We are serious about delivering the set-forth Resilient Systemic Outcomes. And the resilient value thereof. Some cases just do not fit in - not even however extensively elaborated. For nobody, however seasoned and serious enough to commit to deliver the set-forth outcomes.

          Only fools rush into major storms of the high seas - unprepared, unequipped, and incompetent to endure the severe emergent and systemic challenges ahead, across the cascading epochs and episodes along such serious and severe voyages.          

So we would rather reflect, plan, enable, act, and deliver. In that order. IFF it turns out that the case permits. To profile the entire through-life endeavour of the mutual voyage ahead. And permits to deliver. The high degree of wicked emergence vs. design -paradox is no excuse to avoid proper through-life projection capture. Only fools rush in.

If invited to rush in for serious underlying reasons - and IFF the case through-life-profile permits - there are proven suites of approaches to perform properly such required case capture. In each and all cases. Everything starts with a proper case & through-life journey capture & profiling. Thereon the respective critical enablers profiling, further planning and orchestration of the critical enablers across the projected platforms/capabilities/operations/strategic-growth - according to the set-fort through-life requirements - and then further the full spectrum of detailed planning, organization, action and value delivery.

Other approaches we would rather pass, as most such other cases are doomed to fail.

If still insisted onwards, however, even in such desperate cases, and IFF there seriously is a real mutual purpose underlying thereunder, we may reflect thoroughly, and thereon consider the options for engaging our networks for such mutually set-forth systemic outcomes.

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